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Player x Mammut Zone C Revamp 限定活動條款及細則 Terms and Conditions: 

  1. Player x Mammut Zone C Revamp 限定活動 - 活動期為 2022年9月24日 (六)。

  2. 所有禮品圖片具體以實物為准。禮品不得兌換現金或其他禮品。如因任何未能控制之因素而未能提供指定獎品,The Player Climbingym有權以其他等值的獎品代替。

  3. 2022年9月24日入場攀爬人士 (包括現有及非現有會員) 均可參與限定活動。

  4. 每人只可參與活動一次,並只可獲禮品一份。

  5. 禮品數量有限,先到先得,送完即止。

  6. 禮品選定後不可事後作更改。

  7. 如有查詢,可WhatsApp/Signal 6380 0112與我們聯絡。

  8. 活動與活動之條款及細則如有更改,恕不另行通知。

  9. 如有任何爭議,The Player Climbingym保留最終決定權。

  1. Event Date of Player x Mammut Zone C Revamp special event is on 24 September 2022 (Saturday).

  2. Pictures are subject to the actual product. Gifts redeemed cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash, other gifts, or services. If the designated gifts are not provided due to any factors, The Player Climbingym reserves the right to substitute the prize for an equivalent value product or service.

  3. Visitors who would climb on September 24, 2022 (Including existing and non-existing members) can participate in this event.

  4. Each person can only participate in the event once, and can only redeem one gift.

  5. Gift supplies are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis while stocks last.

  6. The gift amendment is not accepted after the selection.

  7. For inquiries, please contact us via WhatsApp/Signal on 6380 0112.

  8. Event and event terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

  9. The Player Climbingym reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the arrangements.

精美MAMMUT禮品 Fabulous MAMMUT gifts

  • 13用瑞士刀 Pocket Knife (名額 Quota:2個)

  • WECARE紀念雙層玻璃杯 Double Wall Glass Mug (名額 Quota:8個)

  • 純鈦金屬筷子 Titanium Chopstick (名額 Quota:4個)

參與方法 How to participate:

  1. 9月24日 (星期六) 早上十時正起,攀爬Zone C新線+拍片記錄:

    • 攀爬任何10條線 -— 可選擇 瑞士刀一把 或 玻璃杯一個 或 筷子一對

    • 攀爬任何8條線 -— 可選擇 玻璃杯一個 或 筷子一對

    • 攀爬任何5條線 -— 可選擇 筷子一對

  2. Post最少一條片到IG story/post及tag @the_player_climbingym同 @mammut.hongkong

  3. 到Counter給予同事查看,即有機會獲得精美MAMMUT禮品!

  1. Event will start at 10AM this Saturday (25 Sep). Climb the new Zone C routes and record them:

    • Climb any 10 routes- May get a pocket knife OR a glass mug OR a pair of chopsticks

    • Climb any 8 routes- May get a glass mug OR a pair of chopsticks

    • Climb any 5 routes- May get a pair of chopsticks

  2. Post at least one video to IG story/post and tag @the_player_climbingym & @mammut.hongkong

  3. Show it to our staff at reception. Chance to get an amazing MAMMUT gift!

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