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VOLCANO CHALK特別在於它容易藏於手中又持續性高,粉粒的大小也經過設計。簡單來說就是一包VOLCANO CHALK裡包含了不同的大小鎂粉,而PLUS的粉粒大小設計更加複雜,所以手感特別豐富,吸力及持續力也是最強的,適合手汗很多的用家。而另外兩款VOLCANO CHALK香味各有特色,FRESH的味道可以令人提神振奮,WOOD的味道令人感到舒緩及放鬆,適合一般用家。如果你手汗比較多,同時又喜歡香味,可以把FRESH或WOOD跟PLUS混合使用。


VOLCANO FRESH可在壓力、沮喪、憤怒或恐懼狀態時,對中樞神經系統有平衡的作用,幫助澄清思緒,全面性的提振效果。


VOLCANO WOOD可調節腎上腺素的分泌,放鬆神經系統,亦可以紓解焦慮、恐慌、虛弱或疲憊的心靈,使精神煥然一新。


VOLCANO PLUS擁有特強吸收力,比一般鎂粉吸收力更強,令雙手持續保持乾燥,增加摩擦力,提升表現。




VOLCANO CHALK is special because it is easy to hide in the hand and has high durability, and the size of the powder is also designed. A pack of VOLCANO CHALK contains different sizes of magnesium powder, and the powder size design of PLUS is more complicated, so the sense is particularly rich, and the suction and sustainability are also the strongest that is suitable for users with sweaty hands. The other two types of VOLCANO CHALK have their own significant fragrances. Suitable for general users, FRESH offers a refreshing aroma, and WOOD is soothing and relaxing. If you have sweaty hands and like fragrance at the same time, you can mix FRESH or WOOD with PLUS.


VOLCANO FRESH has a balancing effect on the central nervous system in times of stress, depression, anger or fear, helping to clarify thoughts and provide a comprehensive boosting effect.


VOLCANO WOOD regulates the secretion of adrenaline, relaxes the nervous system, relieves anxiety, panic, weakness or tired mind, and refreshes the mind.


VOLCANO PLUS has a strong absorption power, which is stronger than ordinary magnesium powder, which keeps hands dry continuously, increases friction and improves performance.




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