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Sun, 18 Dec


Hong Kong, Lai Chi Kok, Lai King Hill Rd, 272號荔灣花園6B舖

「7 Days of Xmas」2022 Day 7 活動 — 訂購RM2019 Hoodie x T-Shirt 限量發售

RM 2019 Design Hoodie x T-Shirt (Limited 限量發售) 7 Days of Xmas Day 7 Special Set Offer 套裝發售價:$458 (Original Price 原價: $678) Single Offer Price 單一發售價: Hoodie — Today's Price 本日限定優惠價:$318 (Original Price 原價: $398) T-Shirt — Today's Price 本日限定優惠價:$224 (Original Price 原價: $280)

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「7 Days of Xmas」2022 Day 7 活動 — 訂購RM2019 Hoodie x T-Shirt 限量發售
「7 Days of Xmas」2022 Day 7 活動 — 訂購RM2019 Hoodie x T-Shirt 限量發售

Time & Location

18 Dec 2022, 12:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Hong Kong, Lai Chi Kok, Lai King Hill Rd, 272號荔灣花園6B舖


About the Event

唔知2019年你接觸抱石未呢?當年係我哋第二屆RockMaster舉辦嘅年份,嗰陣嘅比賽Tee深得大家喜愛,我哋都十分喜歡呢個Design。 天氣轉涼,我哋將呢個咁靚嘅Design放咗上Hoodie,再加埋T-Shirt都重新推出,希望大家會鍾意,著住佢哋渡過一個Warm Winter啦!

Was wondering if you tried bouldering back in 2019? The 2nd RockMaster comp was held in 2019 and many climbers love the comp tee. We love the design too! Winter has arrived and we have put this gorgeous design on Hoodie, with the re-launching of the T-Shirt too. Hope you'll like them and have a lovely warmest winter wearing them!

「7 Days of Xmas」2022 Day 7 活動條款及細則:

  1. 「7 Days of Xmas」Day 7 (下稱「Day 7活動」) 活動期為 2022年12月18日12:00-19:30。
  2. 本日活動以網上登記形式進行,訂購網址為︰,開始登記之日期及時間為2022年12月18日中午12時正。
  3. 所有新舊客戶(即會員及非會員)均可參與本日活動,每人可登記多於一套/一件衛衣/T-Shirt。
  4. 成功登記者會經過電郵收到入數資料。付款方式只限Payme/ATM入數/親臨本館以現金付款。
  5. 成功登記者請於12月18日19:30或以前完成付款。我們會以WhatsApp與成功登記者再次確認訂購衛衣/T-Shirt之尺碼,逾時未付款者將被取消資格。
  6. 預計到貨日期為2022年12月24日。你須親身來臨The Player Climbingym領取衛衣/T-Shirt。本館亦提供順豐到付郵寄服務,如有需要可WhatsApp 6380 0112與我們聯絡。
  7. 產品數量有限,先到先得,訂完即止,恕不補發。
  8. 所有產品圖片只供參考,具體以實物為准。產品不得兌換現金或其他禮品。如因任何未能控制之因素而未能提供指定獎品,The Player Climbingym有權以其他等值的獎品代替。
  9. 如有查詢,可致電或WhatsApp 6380 0112與我們聯絡。
  10. Day 3活動如有更改,恕不另行通知。
  11. 如有任何爭議,The Player Climbingym保留最終決定權。

‘7 Days of Xmas’ Day 3 Event Terms and Conditions:

  1. The date of ‘7 Days of Xmas’ Day 3 Event (“Day 3 Event") is on December 14, 2022 12:00-23:59.
  2. Day 7 event will be registered online. The order website is: The registration date and time will be 12:00 noon on December 18, 2022.
  3. All new and old customers (ie members and non-members) can participate in this event, and each person can register for more than one set/one sweater/T-Shirt.
  4. Successful registrants will receive credit information via email. The payment method is limited to Payme/ATM deposit/cash payment in person at the gym.
  5. Successful registrants should complete the payment on or before 19:30 on December 18. We will reconfirm the size of the sweater/T-Shirt order with the successful registrants through WhatsApp, and those who fail to pay after the time limit will be disqualified.
  6. The estimated arrival date is December 24, 2022. You have to come to The Player Climbingym to pick up the sweater/T-Shirt in person. The museum also provides SF Express delivery service, if necessary, please contact us on WhatsApp 6380 0112.
  7. The quantity of products is limited, first come first served, while stock lasts, with no reissue.
  8. All product pictures are for reference only, and the actual product shall prevail. Products cannot be exchanged for cash or other gifts. If the specified prize cannot be provided due to any factors beyond its control, The Player Climbingym reserves the right to substitute other prizes of equivalent value.
  9. For inquiries, please call or WhatsApp 6380 0112 to contact us.
  10. Day 3 Event is subject to change without prior notice.
  11. The Player Climbingym reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the arrangements.

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