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【有獎遊戲 | The Player Climbingym – 2021 7 Day’s of X’mas Day 7】-  活動條款及細則
[Giveaway | The Player Climbingym – 2021 7 Day’s of X’mas Day 7] - Terms and Conditions

1. 活動日期由2021年12月21日至12月22日中午12時正。得獎者名單會於2021年12月25日或以前於The Player Climbingym Facebook及Instagram專頁公佈。得獎者會透過Inbox收到回覆。得獎者須於指定時間内回覆以確認獲獎,否則即被視為放棄領獎。

2. 得獎者必須完成所有遊戲步驟:

-  讚好「The Player Climbingym」Facebook或Instagram專頁以及活動貼文;

- 於留言位置分享你於Player最開心最搞笑的回憶


The Player Climbingym會根據參加者於上述步驟及提供之答案,從中選出3位答案最具心思又做妥步驟的參加者,每位得獎者會得到The Player Climbingym一個月會籍 (價值港幣798元)。The Player Climbingym擁有得奬者名單的最終決定權,任何申訴概不接納。

- 如得獎者於得獎當刻未持有The Player Climbingym會籍,會籍可於2022年1月1日前任何一天生效,換言之,會籍不一定須在得獎當天便開始。即使沒有於2022年1月1日或以前來臨過本館使用過會籍,或沒有告知我們你的會籍何時開始生效,其會籍亦會自動於2022年1月1日生效,本館不會事先通知會員

-如得獎者於得獎當刻已持有The Player Climbingym會籍,其會籍將會自動延長一個月。

3. 得獎者不得對所獲得的獎品有任何異議,是次活動所有送出之獎品不可兌換成現金。

4. 每個Facebook/Instagram帳戶只能參加遊戲一次,並贏得遊戲一次。如參加者於Facebook (Instagram)已留言,如果於Instagram(Facebook) 亦有留言,其參賽資格將會被取消。

5. 是次遊戲之得獎者揀選會於Facebook及Instagram進行,即Facebook及Instagram之參加者答案會同一時間審核,而非Facebook三位得獎者、Instagram三位得獎者,是Facebook和Instagram兩個平台加在一起有三位得獎者。

6. 如發現參加者重覆回答問題,所有答案均不獲處理。

7. 為保公平,不接受經編輯的答案。

8. 如參加者不遵守和/或不符合參加活動條件,其參加及得獎資格將會被取消而不會另行通知。

9. 由於Facebook/Instagram的私隱設定因人而異,每位參加者看到的留言結果或有機會存在差異性,最終結果以The Player Climbingym Facebook/Instagram的管理頁面所顯示的內容為準。

10. 如發現有任何不當的內容,包含但不限於誹謗、辱罵、瀆神、冒犯、性目的、脅迫、騷擾、商業性、政治性非法資料、或違反或侵犯第三方權益之言論,The Player Climbingym Facebook/Instagram專頁有權即時刪除而毋須給予理由。

11. 因任何The Player Climbingym未能控制之因素或參加者所遞交之個人資料有錯漏或不正確,而導致The Player Climbingym未能聯絡得獎者,有關參加者即視為放棄得獎資格,其得獎資格將被取消並由其他合適的參加者補上,恕不另行通知,且亦不得要求補發奬品或任何形式的補償。

12. 參加者屬自願性質參加是次活動,一切因是次活動所構成之責任與The Player Climbingym無關, The Player Climbingym將免除一切法律責任及賠償。

13. 參加者已經詳閱以下個人資料收集聲明,並同意提供其個人資料予The Player Climbingym作核對領獎相關目的之用途。

14. 此推廣活動並非由Facebook贊助、支持或管理,Facebook亦不需為此活動負上任何責任。

15. The Player Climbingym之員工不得參加是次活動,以示公允。

16. 此活動條款及細則的中、英文本如有任何歧義,概以中文本為準。

17. 如有爭議,The Player Climbingym保留最終決定權,並保留修改參與條款之權利。



The Player Climbingym非常重視妥善處理個人資料以保障客戶的私隱。得獎者所提供的個人資料主要用於處理【有獎遊戲 | The Player Climbingym – 2021 7 Day’s of X’mas Day 7】的獎品領取,以及任何直接有關的用途上(包括跟得獎者進行聯絡)。閣下向我們提供的個人資料純屬自願,如閣下未能向我們提供所需的個人資料,我們可能無法視閣下為合資格得獎者。如有法例規定或應執法機關的要求,我們會披露有關資料。所有得獎者的資料只供處理本比賽及任何直接有關用途,並於本比賽完結後兩個月內銷毀。

1. The event date is from December 21, 2021 to December 22, 12:00 noon. The list of winners will be announced on The Player Climbingym Facebook and Instagram pages on or before December 25, 2021. Winners will receive a winning notification via Inbox. Winners must reply within the specified time to confirm the prize, otherwise they will be deemed to have given up receiving the prize.

2. Winners must complete all game steps:

- Like "The Player Climbingym" Facebook or Instagram page and the event post;

- Share your happiest and funniest memories at The Player in the comment section

The Player Climbingym will select 3 participants with the most thoughtful answers and complete steps based on the above and answers provided by the participants. Each winner will receive a one-month membership of The Player Climbingym (value: HK$798) ). The Player Climbingym reserves the right to make the final decision on the list of winners, and any appeals will not be accepted.

- If the winner does not hold The Player Climbingym membership at the moment of the prize acquisition, the membership can be effective any day before January 1, 2022. In other words, the membership does not necessarily have to start on the day of the prize acquisition. Even if you have not visited the gym on or before January 1, 2022 to use your membership, or did not inform us when your membership will become effective, your membership will automatically take effect on January 1, 2022, and the gym will not notify members in advance.

- If the winner already holds The Player Climbingym membership at the moment of winning, their membership will be automatically extended for one month.

3. Winners must not have any objections to the prizes they have won. All prizes given out in this event cannot be exchanged for cash.

4. Each Facebook/Instagram account can only participate in the game once and win the game once. Participants who have left a message on Facebook (Instagram), and if they have left a message on Instagram (Facebook), their qualifications will be cancelled.

5. The selection of the winners of this game will be conducted on Facebook and Instagram, that is, the answers of the participants of Facebook and Instagram will be reviewed at the same time, instead of there will be three winners of Facebook and the three winners of Instagram, it is Facebook and Instagram counting together, the two platforms to have three winners in total.

6. If participants are found to answer questions repeatedly, all answers will not be processed.

7. To ensure fairness, edited answers are not accepted.

8. If the participant does not comply and/or does not meet the conditions for participating in the event, his or her eligibility to participate and win the prize will be cancelled without notice.

9. As the privacy settings of Facebook/Instagram vary from person to person, there may be differences in the message results seen by each participant. The final result is subject to the content displayed on the management page of The Player Climbingym Facebook/Instagram.

10. If any inappropriate content is found, including but not limited to defamation, abusive, blasphemous, offensive, sexual purpose, coercion, harassment, commercial, politically illegal information, or remarks that violate or infringe the rights of third parties, The Player Climbingym Facebook/Instagram page has the right to delete immediately without giving reasons.

11. If The Player Climbingym fails to contact the winners due to any factors beyond the control of The Player Climbingym or the personal information submitted by the participants is incorrect or incorrect, the participants shall be deemed to have waived their qualifications. Eligibility for prizes will be cancelled and other suitable participants will be replaced without notice, and no replacement prizes or any form of compensation will be required.

12. Participants participate in this event on a voluntary basis. All responsibilities caused by this event have nothing to do with The Player Climbingym. The Player Climbingym will be exempted from all legal liabilities and compensation.

13. Participants have carefully read the following personal information collection statement, and agree to provide their personal information to The Player Climbingym for the purpose of verifying and receiving prizes.

14. This promotion is not sponsored, supported or managed by Facebook, and Facebook is not responsible for this activity.

15. The employees of The Player Climbingym are not allowed to participate in this event to show fairness.

16. If there is any discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions of the terms and conditions of this event, the Chinese version shall prevail.

17. In case of dispute, The Player Climbingym reserves the right of final decision and reserves the right to modify the terms of participation.


Personal Information Collection Statement

The Player Climbingym attaches great importance to the proper handling of personal data to protect the privacy of customers. The personal data provided by the winners is mainly used to process the prize collection of [Prize Game | The Player Climbingym – 2021 7 Day's of X'mas Day 7] and any directly related purposes (including contacting the winners) ]. The personal information you provide to us is entirely voluntary. If you fail to provide us with the required personal information, we may not be able to regard you as an eligible winner. If required by law or at the request of law enforcement agencies, we will disclose relevant information. All information of the winners is only for processing this competition and any direct related purposes, and will be destroyed within two months after the end of this competition.

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