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5 resistance levels exercise band targets for: Muscle and joint conditioning, injury rehabilitation resistance training, stretching exercise, fitness program.


Latex Free Exercise Band

  • Perfect for Muscle and Joint Conditioning
  • High Performance Resistance Training
  • Injury rehabilitation Stretching Exercise
  • Fitness Program
  • Exercise Instructions Included
  • Color-coded Progressive Resistance Level


〔5 Color coded resistance levels〕

  • Yellow: Extra Light 3.3lbs (1.49kg)
  • Red: Light 4.1lbs (1.85kg)
  • Green: Medium 5.5lbs (2.49kg)
  • Blue: Heavy 6.65lbs (3.0kg)
  • Black: Special Heavy 8.85lbs (4.0kg)


〔Safeguard Information〕

  • Before each use, check the bands or tubing. Replace if there is any tears or nicks.
  • Recommend to secure band to a stationary attachment point.
  • Wrap around hands and feet firmly to avoid band snapping back.
  • Perform exercise slowly and in control of the movement.
  • Avoid sharp objects when using bands or tubing.
  • Protect your eyes when doing resistance exercise.
  • Do not elongate bands or tubing more than normal exercise use.


〔Care Instruction〕

  • Bands or tubing can be washed with gentle soap and water.
  • Do not overstretch band or tubing than normal exercise use.
  • Store away from sunlight or heat.


Width (in cm): 13.5 cm
Length (in cm): 150 cm

PARZT Exercise band - 1.5m long (Extra Light/Light/Medium/Special Heavy)