⭐《New Player Follow-up works Behind-the-scene 後續工作幕後花絮》🧗🏻‍♀

Player 2工程部分完成後,我哋積極進行後續工作,當中包括鋪保護墊、定線、安裝Kilter Board石頭等🔥 感謝所有同事、RS Team及Helpers努力嘅付出及幫忙💓

The Player Climbingym - Player 2即將與各位會面開幕日期將於稍後公布🎤 知道大家都等咗好耐,我哋都好期待與各位見面🥺 請各位喺呢段時間繼續努力防疫抗疫🧼保重身體,我哋Player 2見!

📸&✂️🎞: Robbie

Following the completion of the construction part, we were actively working on the follow-up works such as protecting pads settling, route setting, and Kilter Boards holds and lights installing🔥 Huge thanks to our colleagues, Route Set Team and all helpers for your effort💓

The Player Climbingym-Player 2 will meet you all soonOpening day will be announced very soon🎤 Absolutely know that you guys have been waiting for such a long time...We’re so desperate to meet you all too🥺 Please continue to stay heathy and hygienic at this critical moment🧼See you all at Player 2!

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