大年初一至年初三去邊玩好?來The Player Climbingym 好多嘢玩,其中一項係Campus, 唔使用腳限制下利用雙手由起點攀爬至終點,一共二十個攀石Holds, 來挑戰你的極限吧!祝各爬手們新年快樂!


RS:朗豬 感謝落力演出:朗豬、力神施及潺仔偉


The campus board was invented by Wolfgang Güllich in 1988 while he was training for a new route, Action Directe, which requires extreme dynamic finger strength. The first campus board was hung at a university in a gym called The Campus Centre.[1][2] Hence the term "campus" has been applied to the name of the training board, training method, and style of climbing, or "campusing" in which only the user's hands and arms are used. In French and in Italian, the campus board is referred to as pan Güllich.

There are a variety of training approaches that may be used with a campus board. As one example, a user may alternate the use of specific fingers to increase finger strength when ascending or descending the board. As another example, upper-body strength may be increased by utilizing large lunges between specific rails or holds of the campus board (Power throws). Reactive training may be used to increase muscle recruitment by dynamically moving between the campus board rails simultaneously with both hands. Training on a campus board may result in better performance due to the improvement of motor training, increased finger strength on a variety of grips, and greater power and lock-off strength of the arms.

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