New Player Growth Diary

⭐《New Player成長日記》🧗🏻‍♀Week 7

Player 2指日可待!
Kilter Board正進行上板工序😉
無獎問答遊戲 兩秒內回答:圖二嘅圓圈位置會放啲咩呢?


Moonboard上星期已完成清拆,稍後就會安裝到Player 2

Player 2’s just around the corner!
Kilter Board is on its way mounting the wooden boards😉
No thinking Quiz: Pic 2 what’s gonna be in the circled area?


It’s our awesome MoonBoard!
Last week we’ve dismantled it. It’ll be reassembled soon in Player 2!
🎵I’m waiting for you~to come back~🎶

⭐《New Player成長日記》🧗🏻‍♀Week 8

Player 1雖暫停營業中🥺但係Player 2嘅工程仍在進行中!

如大家喺story所見,Kilter Board嘅框架已經完成✅目前正努力上hold中😤
而Moon Board已安裝到Player 2🥳Training Area亦完成得八八九九😻

各位保重身體,我哋遲啲Player 2見😎

Despite the fact that Player 1 is closing for a while, construction in Player 2 is still running!
Dedicated to create a comfy climbing environment with diversity❤️

As you may notice in our stories, the frame of our Kilter Board is completed✅Holds are currently installing😤
Moon Board is already moved to Player 2🥳
Training Area is almost set too😻

Protecting pads will be soon settled, and we’ll enter the final stage of the whole construction🥰
Stay healthy and we’ll see you all at Player 2😎

⭐《New Player成長日記》🧗🏻‍♀Week 9

Player 2工程部分已順利完成✅保護墊已全部鋪好喇👍🏻
亦感謝Player定線團隊完成新場館定線工作! (各位忍住 好快有得爬!

黎緊工作仲有將地板鋪好,完善入口及counter位置,以及整理Training Area😤

Construction at Player 2 has completed✅Pads are all set👍🏻
Huge thanks to our construction crew and all helpers❤️
Also big appreciation to The Player Route Set Team for all the routes at our new sector! (Guys hang in there! Soon you can come bouldering and try them all!

Floors need to be done next, while entrance and counter will be completed and tidied up, as well as the Training Area😤
Please stay tuned with us for further announcement. We desire to see you all very soon😉!