The Player Climbingym 位於美孚港鐵站G出口約5分鐘路程,佔地約 5,000 平方呎。場內設4.5米高的頂繩攀登高場及抱石場。抱石場設不同難度路線 (V0-V7+),適合新手及富經驗的攀爬者。



The Player Climbingym is located near Mei Foo MTR station Exit G (approximately 5 mins of walk).  Our gym features > 5,000 square feet of bouldering walls with a wide range of grades of boulder problems, and a 4.5m tall top rope climbing. The climbs are suitable for both beginners and more experienced climbers. You will definitely enjoy climbing with us.


Our professional instructors are always available and we offer different options for individuals, groups and families to workout and have fun together.  


Our soul, our spirit!
Wide range of grades of boulder problems are on these walls, from V0 to V7+.

Kids can also enjoy climbing on our 4.5m tall top rope climbing wall.

Left to Right:

4.5m Top Robe Climbing Wall

Tricky Wall A1
X Wall A2
Funny Wall A3
Diamond Wall

Power Wall B 

Left to Right:

Ninja Wall C1
Technical Wall C2
Balance Wall C3


From Moon Board to Finger Board, from muscle power to crimping power,

every board is waiting for you here at the training area.


Feeling a bit tired? Then coffee first, climb later!

Just bring your own coffee bean to the gym. Simply, relax and enjoy!


Running out of tape and chalk? Lacking climbing equipment?

Or simply want to recharge yourself with an energy bar? Here you go!
Collaborating with different brands,

you can find various climbing products and equipment here at the Player’s Toy.


Toilet’s available here at our gym, with shower room provided (and hot water as well! Wahoo!).

Toilet Available

Shower Available

(With hot water provided)